There's No Good Excuse To Skip SPF Anymore

That's because the newest generation of sunscreens don’t leave a white cast, feel greasy, or include counter-intuitive photosensitizers. Plus, they’re reef-safe. And available at every price point. They don't even have to smell like sunscreen, if you don't want 'em to. [Excuses have left the chat.] ITG has recommended a lot of SPFs over the years (white cast-free mineral ones, totally clear ones, ones for oily skin, and creamy, moisturizing ones), but this summer, you’ve got even more options to explore.

(A quick note before we get going: Many sunscreens that work on my complexion can leave a grayish tint on those with darker skin. In this article, I’ve only recommended sunscreens that, in addition to passing my tests for wear and ingredients, have been approved by independent BIPOC reviewers, particularly on YouTube, several times over. I hope this will help readers of all skin tones feel confident in trying a new, potentially life-changing SPF. Now, let’s get to it!)